Vine Dedication

Wedding Vine Dedication

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Enjoy the unique experience of strolling through the vineyard on your wedding day and selecting a vine that becomes your Dedicated Wedding Vine. The names of the couple and their wedding date will be engraved on a copper nameplate that will hang on the vine.

Year after year, return on your wedding anniversary (or another day mutually agree upon). Stroll through the vineyard with a glass of wine in hand, perhaps even renew your wedding vows.

Reflect in our serene surroundings on your life together, or toast to the promise of the future. Your dedicated wedding vine will live for many years with Tosca’s loving care and eventually will carefully graft the next generation.

Our Commitment

At Tosca Vineyard, we believe that a vineyard is much like a marriage. Our vineyard is carefully watched over; nurtured and protected from the elements until that perfect moment when the grapes are ready to be harvested. Walking among the vines, we carefully handpick the grapes that will eventually become wine, and telling a story of their own.